ClearChoice Lacks the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

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When making an important purchase, many people like to shop around to find the best deal and ensure they get the product or service they want. Whether they seek multiple quotes or estimates, ask around for opinions, or search for professional reviews, they want to ensure they’re satisfied before agreeing to buy. When searching for where and how to replace missing teeth, the name ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers may have come up. They offer a one-stop shop for tooth replacement with dental implants, which sounds convenient. However, ClearChoice doesn’t provide the versatility and personalization of working with a dentist like Dr. David Ney, and they also can’t offer the many benefits of replacing teeth using mini dental implants.

Replacing Teeth With Dental Implants

ClearChoice in Harrisburg, NC | Mini Dental Implants | Dr. NeyThere are many ways to replace missing teeth, from conventional methods like crowns and bridges to the same old traditional dentures your grandparents used. However, most dentists agree that dental implants provide the greatest stability, functionality, and oral health benefits when replacing teeth. They can stabilize all the restorations listed above and have the added benefit of replacing your missing tooth roots. This prevents your teeth from shifting while also halting the deterioration of your jawbone after losing teeth.

If you want to replace your teeth with dental implants, you could choose a chain like ClearChoice, but their big-business system has some restrictions.

The Limitations of ClearChoice

ClearChoice’s big claim is that they have everything you need under one roof. Consultation, examination, implant placement, and tooth manufacturing are all done in the same building. While that may seem convenient, it also limits their flexibility. Additionally, some of the claims ClearChoice makes can be a bit misleading.

ClearChoice does offer everything you need for a tooth replacement in one building, but you’re limited to doing it their way. That involves using larger traditional implants that require a surgical incision, possibly a bone graft procedure, and months of healing time. During those long months, you’ll be on a soft food diet requiring multiple follow-up visits to ensure proper healing. They tout “new teeth in just one day,” but your implants aren’t ready to accept their final restoration until the healing process is complete, which could take up to a year.

The Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Dr. David Ney provides an alternative to ClearChoice, one who has the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to craft customized solutions using the latest in dental technology. One area where Dr. Ney’s approach shines is with his use of mini dental implants. Like the larger traditional implants, these slim titanium posts support different tooth restorations. However, they do it with a much more streamlined, efficient design that doesn’t sacrifice durability or reliability.

In addition to their size, mini implants have multiple benefits when compared to the larger implants used by ClearChoice:

  • Less invasive: Mini implants can be placed without incisions or stitches. Thanks to a local anesthetic, the tiny pilot hole we need to place the implants will be created quickly and painlessly.
  • Faster healing: Larger implants need anywhere from 3-12 months to integrate with the bone, while mini implants fuse with the bone more quickly.
  • More affordable: Because the placement for mini implants is so simple, they heal faster and require fewer follow-up visits. This makes them much more affordable than traditional implants and a viable option for a greater number of patients.

Why Choose Dr. David Ney

So, you need to restore a tooth, but what if you need or want additional procedures down the road, like dental bonding or fillings? Want to explore the benefits of night guards for teeth grinding or cosmetic options to brighten your smile? How about getting dental sealants for your children or other pediatric dentistry services? You can get all those and more under one roof when you visit Dr. Ney, The Dental Guy.

Dr. Ney provides the personal approach of a local dentist who gets to know his patients and the community. Each free consultation comes with an individual treatment plan, not the assembly-line system of ClearChoice. We’ll make sure to take into account your preferences and requests while prioritizing your dental health. With Dr. Ney, you’ll never feel like just another number at the counter, so to speak. You’ll receive the care and attention of a dentist who’s been practicing in the greater Charlotte, NC, area for decades.

Looking for a ClearChoice Alternative? Contact Us Today

Dr. Ney and his experienced staff are here to provide you with the best possible dental experience. We combine decades of experience with cutting-edge dental techniques and technology, all wrapped in a welcoming environment that prioritizes your comfort. To learn more about what mini dental implants can do for you, schedule a free consultation. When it comes to replacing teeth, the choice is clear—mini implants and a personalized approach are the better options.

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