The Mini Dental Implant Procedure Demystified: What To Expect

Mini Dental Implant Procedure in Harrisburg, NC | Dr. David Ney

How many of you know how to change the oil in your car, play the piano, make a soufflé, or patch a hole in your favorite pair of pants? Some readers can do all of these, while others aren’t yet experts. While each of these is a useful skill, we don’t expect you to know how to place mini dental implants and attach beautiful new teeth. That’s our specialty! But the truth is that it’s not as complicated a procedure as you might think, especially compared to the conventional dental implant process. In fact, the mini dental implant procedure is remarkably straightforward and benefits patients and dentists alike.

Mini Dental Implant Facts

Mini Dental Implant Procedure in Harrisburg, NC | Dr. David NeyA mini dental implant is a small titanium screw that a skilled implant dentist like Dr. David Ney places directly into your jawbone. At the top of the screw is a ball that protrudes above your gum line. This ball is the anchor point for an artificial tooth or teeth. The prosthetic attaches to the O-ball with a rubber O-ring. While the structure might seem simple, mini implants offer a much more stable and durable solution to replacing missing teeth than traditional methods.

These mini implants are smaller versions of their predecessors, the traditional dental implant. The older, larger implants come in two parts, require incisions and stitches, and can take up to a year to heal. Mini implants are about half the diameter of conventional implants, so we can place them without incisions. Their sleek design allows for minimal discomfort and faster recovery after their placement, and they only require a few weeks to heal fully. Considering that they’re just as effective and durable as larger implants, it’s easy to see why mini dental implants are becoming more popular.

What Does the Mini Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

The mini dental implant procedure is straightforward and efficient, but Dr. Ney and his team will ensure your well-being from start to finish.

  1. Free consultation: During your complimentary consultation, we will carefully examine your teeth, discuss your goals, explain financial options, and determine the best treatment for your unique case. We’ll also take a CT scan to help us precisely plan your implant placement.
  2. Day of placement: Before we begin, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to ensure a virtually painless experience. Once the area is numb, Dr. Ney will create a tiny pilot hole for the implant using a stent to guide the drill. Then, he will place the implant into the hole and secure it in the jawbone. Although this is a quick procedure, Dr. Ney will take the time to ensure everything is done properly.
  3. Temporary teeth and healing: Once the implants are in, we can attach temporary teeth to them. You can use these teeth while the implant fuses with your bone, a process called osseointegration. The jawbone will take several weeks to heal around the implant completely.
  4. Final restoration: Once the implant has fully fused, you’ll come back to receive your final tooth restoration, and the process is complete.

Caring for your mini dental implants is simple. Just follow standard oral hygiene guidelines: brush twice a day, floss daily, and keep up with your regular six-month checkups. If you have removable dentures supported by mini implants, you should simply detach and clean them before snapping them back into place.

Affordable Options Through Financing

Traditional implant procedures can be financially daunting, involving multiple surgical steps and a substantial financial commitment. Mini dental implant procedures, however, offer an affordable solution without compromising quality. Because their procedure is so efficient and the healing time is so fast, mini dental implants are more affordable than traditional implants.

Still, we recognize that many individuals are concerned about the cost of their dental procedures. During your free consultation, our staff will help you understand your dental insurance coverage and financing options. For patients who wish to finance their treatment, our lending partners offer short- and long-term monthly payment options. These flexible plans can help you afford the dental care you need while managing your budget effectively.

Regain Your Confidence

Missing teeth can affect your self-esteem, interactions with others, and overall well-being. With a minimally invasive mini dental implant procedure, we can restore the integrity of your teeth and help you regain your smile quickly and efficiently. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. David Ney to start planning your mini dental implant procedure today!

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