How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

If you need a dental bridge, watch this video by Dr. David P. Ney to learn how long different bridges typically last and what you can do to extend the life of your bridge.

So as far as bridges last, a conventional bridge, let’s say, that the insurance company covers, they will say it should last five years. Bridges, where we have a tooth, a tooth cemented with a pontic, with a space, with the space area, those can last up to up to eight to 10/12 years, depending on how somebody takes care of them.

Implant bridges same situation. Insurance companies really don’t cover, so they don’t have a whole lot of say. A lot of it depends on how someone takes care of it. If you keep it clean underneath, if you don’t chew rocks, for instance, you’re going to have a lot better chance in having that last.


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