The Root Canal Procedure

With 25 years of experience, Dr. David P. Ney has performed countless root canals to improve his patients’ oral health. In the video below, Dr. Ney explains what you can expect during your root canal procedure.

Yes, so how I always do my root canals is I’m going to access the actual canal. So that’s going to be somewhere where I’m going to I’m going to look at the X ray. I kind of know where it is already. It’s going to be within the actual root structure.

Once I find that, I’m going to open that area so it’s a little easier to actually clean. I’m going to also make it straight so that I’m not hitting on anything. There’s nothing encumbering any of my files. Right, so what’s a file? A file is something that’s going to go around like this and clean out everything that’s in the canal itself.

After every file goes in, it gets irrigated, meaning I’m going to put some kind of irrigation in there to have all that stuff come up. Once I get everything cleaned out, I seal it up and we basically build it back up and then we crown that tooth.


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