What Are Some Signs That I May Need a Tooth Extracted?

If you need a tooth extracted, Dr. David P. Ney offers compassionate, high-quality extractions at his office in Harrisburg. Watch the video below to hear Dr. Ney describe what you can expect if you need a tooth extracted.

So a lot of people will come in and they’ve kind of fallen off the cliff, as I always tell them, hey, they haven’t been in for a while, why haven’t you been here? We always have a little chuckle over that. And typically they’ve had a bad experience.

And the bad experience is that they had a tooth extracted that maybe wasn’t numb, maybe didn’t have to be extracted, whatever that case may be. But typically when they come in, at that point, the tooth needs to be extracted.

Now, back in the old days, or back in the days before I extracted, I can tell you, people would take out a tooth and there’d be an absolute Grand Canyon in there, right? It’s just a socket and it would heal. And I don’t know how those things heal, to be honest with you.

Here at my practice, what we will do is take that tooth out correctly. We will try not to break any bone around, especially the front bone, which is called cortical bone, which we want to hold on to, and we will go to great extents to make that happen.

Once we do that, we’re going to clean the socket out. Maybe sounds bad to you, but there’s some bad tissue in there. A lot of times we get all that stuff out of there. You don’t know it yet, but your life is changing immediately after that. We’re going to put a little medicine in there, then we’re going to put in some actual bone and we’re going to suture it up for you so that there’s nothing that can get in there.

Dry sockets are almost of the past. I don’t think we’ve heard one for 20 years here. So as far as extraction goes, is it pleasant? Do people love it? No. Is it something needed? Yes. Do you want to get it done here? Yes.


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