What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

You are likely familiar with dentures, and you may have heard about dental implants. But, many patients like you have questions about implant retained dentures and whether they are right for them. In this video, Dr. David P. Ney discusses this highly-regarded alternative to traditional dentures.

So basically mini implant dentures, what are actually dentures, right? They just sit on top of your ridges. So what do the implants do? The implants? They’re going to hold those into place.

The great thing about dentures, first of all, is they’re very frustrating, right? Everybody knows that plastic versus tissue doesn’t really work very well. And so when you get implants involved, implants are going to keep it stable and keep it from moving side to side.

Now, when we talk about having six implants, for instance, on the upper or four on the lower, we still are using your bone and tissue to support part of that full denture. It just depends which model you want.

So if we do an Acrylic, for instance an Acrylic, what’s that? Plastic. It’s your typical denture that everybody sees. Those are the ones that we’re going to have supported with basically six on top and four on the bottom. That would be implant wise.

We can go and do an actual hybrid. What’s a hybrid? It has a metal framework in it, a little bit lighter, quite a bit stronger. We still place the same amount of implants a lot of times. I will place more just because I like to do that, and that is a great situation.

And then, of course, we have what are called hybrids, which take basically ten to twelve implants and replace the whole denture process to begin with and give you back your actual teeth.


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