What is a Snap-On Denture?

If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth but don’t want to deal with loose dentures and messy adhesives, you may be interested in snap-on dentures. In this video, Dr. David P. Ney explains the benefits of snap-on dentures and the different models that he offers.

So a snap on denture really is basically when we’re placing four implants. For instance, let me say this. This is your standard lower denture. A lot of people don’t have anything in that denture other than this right here. And what happens with a lower denture?

It does this all day, right? People get frustrated. They can’t stand it, they can’t eat with it. So what we do, and what I do with any lower dentures place implants. And what happens is we put little housings in them, okay?

And the housing just simply snaps, allows that denture to fit into the implants themselves, like this. And what happens, the great thing about having the implants is you wear them 24/7 when you eat. Afterwards, you do clean and then you put back in. We show you how to do that, but you sleep with these. Big difference than what lower implants, what your mom and dad did or your grandpa and grandma did back in the day when they put their dentures in a cup.

That doesn’t happen anymore with these, the process isn’t such that you come in, we do implants and all of a sudden you have a full acrylic. We go through a process to make sure that this fits exactly the way it should, but you can get a really good feel for that.

This little framework in here, this little scaffolding, if you will, is very strong. And it’s a little bit less in terms of the material, as you can see, snaps on very much the actual same way. We require a certain amount of implants to have this done, but this is a great option for someone who doesn’t want a lot of that bulky kind of material.

The last is what’s called a roundhouse. But this is a situation you can almost look at it and it looks just like someone’s teeth, because it really is. We put ten to twelve denture or ten to twelve implants in a person’s arch. And then this is basically porcelain. And this is pretty darn heavy and real stable.

And in two situations we either cement it in or we place it in with what are just those housings like I talked about. And it kind of snaps in, but you don’t ever take it out. I’m the only one that actually takes it out. And you can see how nice it is, pallet wise. It’s very clean. Things don’t get underneath. We keep things clean.

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