What Denture Options Do You Offer?

Dr. David P. Ney provides dentures to patients needing to replace an entire arch of teeth, but did you know that there are different types that can suit your needs and preferences? Watch the video below as Dr. Ney demonstrates the different denture options that he offers at his practice.

So just kind of providing three different options. So your mom, so your grandmas and grandpas, always had those kind of acrylic dentures. That’s the only thing that really was around at that time. A lot of people remember seeing them in this. They probably didn’t show you because they didn’t want to show you.

But this is a lower denture, for instance. It’s just basically it’s acrylic plastic teeth. In this case we’ve got implants. And the reason we have implants is because if you don’t these things are called floating dentures. They will float everywhere and people are frustrated.

So the first option we have is going to be, I’m just going to say, plastic. Just to be easy. We’re going to have implants in here. We typically only need four to five on the lower because it’s the hardest bone in our body. And we’re going to snap this on, and this stays on 24/7.

Now, do you ever clean it? Yes. After you eat you want to take it out, clean the implants themselves, clean the inside themselves and then you snap it back in and sleep and don’t ever think about it again. We do want you to come in every six months so we can make sure that everything is actually fitting right with this one as well.

The second option, great option, same situation. It’s a denture, okay? But it’s a different denture. In this case it’s got what’s called a little hybrid scaffolding. It’s very strong metal inside. You can tell just by looking at it.

The material is quite a bit less so it’s lighter, it feels more natural in your teeth. Again, this one is going to snap in. You will clean it after eating. You will take it out just like this. Just like anything else, you clean it. You don’t have to worry about cavities. These aren’t teeth, right? But we do want to keep things clean and hygienic. Then we snap in. 24/7 you can sleep with these just like any other denture.

The third option, which is more of a situation called a roundhouse. Roundhouse, why? It goes all the way around. Okay? We use ten to twelve implants in this denture. It’s not a denture actually. It is an actual roundhouse. This is actually porcelain. We can use pink porcelain sometimes if we need spaces with someone that maybe has a high smile line not a big deal.

If you come down and we give you a free consult and we have a CT, we’re going to know that prior to. So that’s not an issue. This is just simply an example of what can be done. If you want ten to twelve implants and you kind of want your teeth back, you can see here the pallet feels exactly like you would normally. And you don’t take this out ever. I take it out if we use a removable.

Sometimes we will cement them, but you don’t have to worry about them once everything is placed. So if you are frustrated with really anything in your actual dental life, it could be anything. Spaces, it could be a loose denture, it could be an upper denture, it could be a tooth that’s hurting you.

Call us. We’re here for all general dentistry, okay? We love doing implants. You come down for a free consult, we’ll give you a CT. CT is a special X-ray which will show us the side views of your bone, what kind of bone you have, what kind of options you have. We have options dental-wise, we have options financial-wise, we have options schedule-wise. Come on down and give us a chance.


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