Are Mini Dental Implants as Effective as Conventional Dental Implants?

Are you considering dental implants and have questions about the effectiveness of mini dental implants compared to conventional root form dental implants? Watch this video by experienced Harrisburg dentist Dr. David P. Ney as he outlines the efficacy of mini dental implants compared to their conventional counterparts.

You know, what’s really great about the whole situation is that the actual research will indicate that, yes, indeed, mini implants hold the same strength, the same longevity as an actual conventional implant. And that’s in. Mini implants have been out there. People think this is an actual new thing. They’ve been out there since the actual 1950s.

Thankfully, those pioneers were out there doing the work and doing the hard work. And now it’s gotten to the point where absolutely, they are as strong, if not stronger. And the other thing about conventional dental implants that I think is important is there’s a lot of steps to it, and there’s a lot of parts to it. And so when you have a conventional that’s in your bone and you uncover it without getting too complex, you have to put another piece of instrument on it to take an impression, then you have the lab take that piece off and put another piece on. And so the point is, there’s a lot of different steps, a lot of opportunity for human error.

And with the mini implant, which is a one piece implant, you just have a top ball and a square, and that’s what we end up cementing on. So we know exactly where the implant is all the time.


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