Are There Age Restrictions for Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are an excellent treatment option for many people. If you are wondering if this procedure is right for you or a loved one, watch the video below as Dr. David P. Ney discusses whether there are age restrictions for mini dental implants.

No age restrictions? My whole feeling about that is the biggest thing is I want someone to appreciate it. So a child that, for instance, a lot of times in Ortho they may be not having their actual laterals and I’m not going to mess with those until all of their Ortho is actually finished up. So age restriction, not so much. Obviously I’m not going to do it on a child, but someone who is in the process of getting their teeth straightened up is one of the greatest things, actually, because then we can provide where we want space wise when we work with the Orthodontist.

So age restriction to an extent, is it a big factor? No. You’re never too old for actually Ortho, by the way. And for actually the mini implants, the oldest individual we have done implants on was 90 years old and she was very excited about the result, very excited to have it done. Was one of the best patients we’ve ever had.

Why? Because she was so desperate. Never knew she had options. Had she been around 40 years ago when we were around, she would have already had this situation squared away. So she was absolutely desperate to have something done.

She was happy it went well and we were excited. So, again, if you are in that situation where you think, oh, I have no options, I have nothing, nobody can help me, give us a call. We will find out if we can help you. Let’s get a CT, let’s get you in the chair.


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