Will I Require Bone Grafting for a Mini Dental Implant?

In this video, Dr. David P. Ney describes situations that may or may not require bone grafting to secure a mini dental implant. Bone grafting is a procedure that adds volume and density to the jawbone. Watch the video below to learn more from Dr. Ney.

You know what’s interesting, really, the bone grafting thing is not something that’s horrible by any stretch. If we’re doing what’s called an immediate meaning, we’re going to take a tooth out and immediately place an implant in there, there will be space around that implant because there is space around that implant. Yes, we’re going to put in some bone. A lot of people get concerned, what kind of bone are we going to use? Cadaver bone?

Or we can use a synthetic bone. We will use a synthetic bone called osteon. And basically I’m just going to place it in between those areas where the implant is and the actual bone is. We’re going to put a little healing cap on there and we’re going to let it kind of sit and actually heal.

Now, if we don’t have to do that, meaning we don’t have to extract anything in place the same day, we will typically just place the implant and have no need for an actual bone graft whatsoever.

We can find that out by you coming in for a free consultation and taking a CT where we can see how much bone do you have or what kind of teeth and what condition they are in before we move on.

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