Teeth In A Day: A Complete Smile in One Sitting

Teeth In A Day A Complete Smile in One Sitting Harrisburg, NC

Traditional dental implants have long been a solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth, but achieving teeth in a day with them seemed far-fetched due to the procedure’s numerous drawbacks.

The FDA has noted several risks associated with large traditional implants—from damaging adjacent teeth and tissues to post-surgical numbness due to nerve damage—making them a risky option for some patients. On top of this, the lengthy and invasive procedure often leaves patients waiting months for their custom prosthetic teeth.

Dr. David P Ney uses revolutionary mini dental implants with rapid recovery times to help patients replace missing teeth in a day. Eligible patients can walk out of his office in Harrisburg, NC, with a full smile in just one sitting.

Teeth In A Day A Complete Smile in One Sitting Harrisburg, NC

The Drawbacks of Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants have been a staple in dental restoration for years. The process involves inserting a titanium post into the jawbone, which is an anchor for a prosthetic tooth. However, this approach isn’t without its drawbacks. Patients often have to wait months, sometimes up to a year, for the implant to fuse with the jawbone before the artificial tooth can be attached.

During this time, they might have to wear temporary dentures or go without a full smile. Moreover, the invasive nature of the procedure requires a lengthy recovery period and can also contribute to implant body failure.

In the past, the idea of same-day teeth was simply out of reach with traditional implants.

New Teeth in a Day with Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Ney is at the forefront of advancing dental restoration with mini implants in Harrisburg, allowing patients to receive one-day teeth with an efficient and streamlined mini dental implant procedure.

Dr. Ney starts with a specialized CT X-ray to determine the ideal implant placement. He then creates a stent, a precision guide with a small opening. This stent is designed specifically for the pilot drill to ensure accurate positioning of the implant.

After marking and numbing the site, the entire implant placement takes only five minutes—yet accuracy remains paramount. By verifying placement using the CT scan, Dr. Ney ensures that the same-day dental implants are completed correctly. Qualifying patients can thus leave with a restored smile in just one visit.

Why Mini Dental Implants? Let’s Talk Benefits

Mini dental implants offer unparalleled advantages:

  • Versatility: Whether replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or holding dentures in place, mini dental implants fit the bill.
  • No extensive surgery: Say goodbye to invasive surgical procedures typically associated with traditional dental implants.
  • Swift recovery: Instead of enduring long healing periods, patients can expect a quicker bounce-back.
  • Immediate results for many: Although the feasibility varies per individual, many can enjoy a complete and confident smile right after the procedure.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Mini dental implants are a cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth because of the drastically reduced treatment timeline and the implants’ overall durability.

These perks make mini dental implants a leading choice for those looking to enhance their oral health and fill the gap in their smile.

Get Your Teeth In A Day

At Dr. David P. Ney‘s practice in Harrisburg, NC, eligible patients can now have a full, radiant smile in only one visit! Thanks to our innovative teeth in a day procedure and advanced same-day dental implant technology, you can enjoy a complete smile without enduring multiple appointments or lengthy recovery times.

At our office, you’ll find a broad range of services to meet all your dental needs—from dentures and bridges to tooth extractions and cosmetic solutions like tooth-colored fillings and veneers.

So, why wait? Achieve your best smile with us today! Book your free consultation and CT X-ray now, and discover a brighter, more confident you.

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