Mini Dental Implant Healing Period

Mini dental implants are a versatile treatment option for replacing missing teeth. In the video below, Dr. David P. Ney discusses the factors that contribute to the mini dental implant healing period and the advantages that mini implants offer over conventional implants when it comes to recovery.

So healing time can be, it depends. So for instance, if we did an actual immediate depending on how the bone was, how far did we get the implant in. There’s going to be various factors in which we’re going to wait for that to heal. A typical mini implant that we’re going to put in that has proper bone, proper technique, all of that happening for us. I’m going to wait two to three months just to make sure everything is fine.

So one of the great things and one of the great the versatilities with actually many implants is that when you place them, you don’t have to wait any real time. Some people will absolutely load them up right away.

I’m more of the school of thought where I want to kind of wait and make sure that everything kind of integrates into a bone. Now, if I’m doing a conventional— conventional meaning anything between 3.0, what does that mean?—just a big round implant.

Okay. What you have to do is you have to take away tissue on your ridge, expose the bone, drill a big hole, place the implant that doesn’t fit totally into the hole, allow that hole to actually grow back, which can take up to six months typically. And when they come back to recover that, you will have to have that tissue removed and you hope that that implant has actually integrated into the bone.

If it has not, you have to drill it out, and then you have to bone graft and let that heal for another six months. If, for instance, a mini implant, which would be very rare, if it didn’t integrate, you could take it out, move it over, do another implant there.

Let’s say something crazy happened, like it actually broke. Okay, let’s say you had to remove it somehow. What’s great about the mini implant is it’s small implant. It takes nothing to get it out of there. You can either put another implant right directly into the hole that’s a little bit larger, or just simply move it over or simply healing it. Lots of actual versatility. And because it’s a pinhole, you’re looking at two to three months healing as opposed to six.


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