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Denture Options in Harrisburg, NC | Mini Implant Dentures

Experiencing tooth loss can be a challenging and often underestimated ordeal. Missing even a single tooth can lead to a painful bite or an unsatisfying smile. When all teeth are missing, a condition known as edentulism, your daily routine and lifestyle may be disrupted. In North Carolina, the prevalence of edentulism among residents aged 65 and older is notably higher than the national average. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a variety of denture options to restore your smile, confidence, and quality of life.

Diverse Denture Options

Denture Options in Harrisburg, NC | Mini Implant DenturesDentures are a well-known solution for replacing missing teeth, but understanding the various denture options available is key to making an informed decision. David P. Ney, DDS, an experienced dentist in Harrisburg, NC, offers a range of solutions, from traditional dentures to innovative implant dentures, ensuring that every patient finds their perfect fit.

  1. Traditional full dentures: The tried-and-true option for decades, full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth by fitting over the top of your gums. Unfortunately, they require frequent adjustments due to changes in the dentures themselves and your gums and jaw. While they restore your bite and smile, full dentures can be unstable, leading to discomfort while eating or speaking.
  2. Partial dentures: Suitable for patients with some natural teeth, partial dentures attach to your remaining teeth, filling gaps and preventing the teeth from shifting. However, they can strain your natural teeth, potentially causing oral health issues.
  3. Implant dentures: A revolutionary step in denture technology, implant dentures use mini dental implants to secure and stabilize the prosthetic. This option is less invasive and provides a more natural feel and stronger bite force than traditional denture options.

The Benefits of Implant Dentures

Implant dentures stand out as the superior denture choice, offering numerous benefits over traditional dentures. They feel more natural by using less bulky material and look more like your natural teeth. Because they provide a stronger bite force, you can enjoy a broader range of foods.

The dentures connect to mini dental implants firmly anchored in the jawbone. This means no more accidental slippage or sore spots from floating dentures. These stable dentures provide a better, more lasting fit without needing constant adjustments. Plus, they are the only tooth replacement solution that maintains the health of your jawbone by preventing bone loss.

Mini dental implants are the pillars of this process. Dr. Ney skillfully inserts these slim but strong titanium rods into the jawbone. Thanks to their narrow design, mini implants involve a much less invasive procedure and facilitate quicker results than traditional dental implants.

Implant Denture Varieties

Implant dentures come in different varieties, each offering unique benefits.

  • Implant-retained overdentures: Also known as snap-on dentures, overdentures are a blend of traditional and permanent dentures. These prosthetics snap onto 4-8 mini dental implants. They provide a more stable fit than traditional dentures but can still be removed for cleaning. In certain cases, we can turn your existing dentures into overdentures, but Dr. Ney will need to examine them before making this determination.
  • Semi-removable roundhouse bridge: A more permanent solution, we call this option Fix-on-Six®. This approach is an alternative to the All-on-4® system that uses larger traditional dental implants. The roundhouse bridge restores a complete set of teeth and attaches to 6-10 mini implants. The teeth are only ever removed by an experienced implant dentist like Dr. Ney for professional cleaning.
  • Non-removable roundhouse bridge: The most stable and convenient option of all, these are as close as you can get to regaining your natural teeth without going back in time. As the name suggests, this zirconia bridge is cemented to 10-12 mini implants and is never removed, offering the most permanent option.

No matter which implant denture option you choose, rest assured that it’s designed for a more secure, comfortable fit. This ensures stability and natural function, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Financial Considerations

Financial considerations play a crucial role in selecting the right denture option. At our practice, we recognize the importance of budget-friendly solutions. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the complexities of dental insurance, ensuring you clearly understand what your policy covers.

We have also established partnerships with various financing companies to provide affordable options tailored to different financial situations. We have seen the life-changing impact of advanced denture care firsthand and are committed to making these transformative procedures accessible without causing financial stress.

Discover Denture Options in Harrisburg, NC

If you’re considering dentures, we invite you to take the first step towards a renewed smile and confidence by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Ney. In this personalized session, Dr. Ney will discuss your unique dental needs, address any concerns, and explore the various denture options with you. We will work closely with you to find a solution that restores your smile and improves your quality of life!

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