Non-Surgical Dental Implants Are a Safe, Simple Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Non-Surgical Dental Implants in Harrisburg, NC | Mini Implant

Losing your teeth is a distressing experience that can lead to significant lifestyle changes, affect self-confidence, and even compromise your dental health. However, some people don’t want to replace their missing teeth for fear of an invasive dental procedure. If you’re self-conscious about how your smile looks but are experiencing dental anxiety over how to fix it, non-surgical dental implants can provide the solution you’re looking for. More and more people are choosing this minimally invasive option every year, thanks to all the benefits they offer compared to other tooth restoration procedures.

Introducing Non-Surgical Dental Implants

Non-Surgical Dental Implants in Harrisburg, NC | Mini ImplantNon-surgical dental implants, or mini dental implants, are a modern innovation in tooth replacement. They act as artificial tooth roots, providing stable support for various restorations without the need for invasive surgery. These slim devices serve the same function as traditional implants but with a more sleek and streamlined design.

Dr. David Ney, The Dental Guy, has been practicing for more than 25 years, serving residents in the Harrisburg and Charlotte areas. He and his experienced team specialize in creating treatment plans that can transform your smile and restore the function of your teeth using mini implants.

Understanding Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are small, titanium screws that are securely implanted into the jawbone. These screws feature a ball on one end that just peeks above your gum line, acting as a foundation for a new tooth. Using a snug-fitting socket and a tiny rubber O-ring, we attach a replacement tooth or dental device to this sturdy base. It’s a straightforward and lasting way to fill any gaps in your smile.

Their one-piece design is more efficient to place and allows the mini implant process to be completed in fewer appointments. As a bonus, it doesn’t allow bacteria to grow in the small space between the connection on a two-piece implant.

The Advantages of Non-Surgical Dental Implants


One of the primary advantages of non-surgical dental implants is their versatility. They can hold various dental restorations, including crowns for single missing teeth, bridges for multiple teeth, or implant-retained dentures as a replacement for all your teeth. If you’ve been frustrated by floating, loose dentures, mini implants can provide a comfortable and stable solution. After we place the implants, your dentures can simply snap on, eliminating discomfort and inconvenience. Sometimes, larger implants are not an option for those patients with smaller jawbones, while mini implants almost always are.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Compared to conventional implants, mini dental implants have a significantly smaller diameter. Measuring under 3 mm wide, they’re as thin as a toothpick, simpler to place, and require a less invasive placement procedure. No incisions or stitches are needed, just a tiny pilot hole, which is made pain-free thanks to the anesthetic. The lack of a separate abutment piece means they don’t need extra follow-up visits like two-piece implants.

Immediate Results and Quick Recovery

Traditional dental implant procedures often involve multiple visits and a 3-6 month treatment timeline. Non-surgical dental implants offer a much quicker solution, with many patients experiencing immediate results. Crowns, bridges, or dentures can be mounted soon after implantation, allowing you to quickly return to your regular lifestyle with a natural-looking, functional smile.

Unlike conventional implants, non-surgical dental implants don’t require bone grafting since they need less space in your jawbone. This smaller size and simplified placement technique significantly reduce your treatment and recovery timeline.

Making Non-Surgical Dental Implants Affordable

Our office staff understands the financial aspect of dental care and will make you aware of all your payment options. We have experience working with many different insurance companies and will help you get the most out of your coverage. We can also offer flexible financing options to make non-surgical dental implant procedures accessible to more patients. We’ve partnered with three reputable dental financing companies: CareCredit, LendingClub, and Ally. With this wide variety of options, you can afford the dental care you need while effectively managing your budget.

However, we’ve saved the best aspect of these implants for last. Because of their simpler placement, shorter healing timeline, fewer office visits, and smaller size, non-surgical dental implants cost quite a bit less than traditional implants. This makes them a more realistic option for more of our patients.

Regain Confidence in Your Smile

Missing teeth can profoundly impact your well-being, affecting how you eat and interact with others. With non-surgical dental implants, you can restore the integrity of your teeth and regain your smile in an efficient, minimally invasive procedure. Don’t let tooth loss lower your self-esteem any longer. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. David Ney, The Dental Guy, and see what mini dental implants can do for you.

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